About us



The question, what motivated me to develop the Salaine “natural revolution” day and night cream, has a very simply answer. The idea evolved from a very personal reason:

My daughter suffered from an inflammatory rash and very dry skin on the face for a very long time. Painful pustules formed on her cheeks which got me and my wife very worried.

The short-term treatment with cortisone had an immediate effect on our daughter, but a long-term use was certainly not an option due to the immense side effects and health consequences that could result. Other conservative treatments also failed to meet our expectations of a best possible treatment. On closer inspection, most of the conventional creams were basically similar to a small chemical laboratory, enriched with parabens and paraffins. A good number of those creams also had hormones listed among the ingredients. We definitely could not and did not want to use these substances and therefore set out on a search for a suitable solution for our daughter. The product was supposed to have strong nourishing properties and at the same time be free of cortisone, parabens, paraffins, and hormones. After a long and intensive search, we finally came across the industrial hemp whose oil should be ideal for cosmetic applications due to its high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. Since we also wanted to try out this oil for salads, we went on to purchase the very first 200 ml vial.

Still a bit skeptical, we applied a few drops on the inflamed areas on our daughter’s cheeks. The results, which were clear in the next morning, were much more than just simple success of our first attempt. Of course, the pustules did not disappear completely in one night, but the inflammations were significantly decayed and barely visible. This experience is what gave me the idea to develop a cream for my daughter, whose main component should be the tested hemp oil.

This way, I managed to come up with the Salaine “natural revolution” Day and Night cream that, unlike the conventional products, only consists of natural, readily available, and resource-saving ingredients. It is free of cortisone, parabens, paraffins, and hormones and thus, among other reasons, ideal for treatment of dry skin.


The idea

Development and manufacture of a high-quality facial care cream using universally available, resource-saving, and natural ingredients, as well as the special characteristic feature, the combination of a day and night cream.  


Hemp is the main component of our cream and is well suited for use in cosmetic products. Hemp is eco-friendly and organic in nature. The hemp plant is insensitive and resistant to pests and diseases. Thus, the use of pesticides and herbicides can therefore be avoided.

Spirulina platensis, black oats, betaine, avocado oil, and aloe vera as major natural ingredients entirely complement our high-quality facial care cream and, just like the hemp, are sustainable and natural raw materials.

Besides the cream, another very important aspect for us is the packaging. We deliberately opted for innovative sustainable packaging. The hereby used system comprises of a recyclable glass bottle as well as recyclable plastic in the inner surface of the glass bottle and in the pump area including the lid. The cardboard packaging used is also recyclable.  

Based on our conception, the composition of this extraordinary facial care cream as well as its sustainable packaging represent a comprehensive solution, the “natural revolution – Made in Germany”.