Skin care


The high content of the valuable α-linolenic acid gives the hemp oil strong renewing and cell regenerating properties that reinforce the defense and protection functions of the skin and help promote moisture retention. At the same time, the high content of γ-linolenic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect which is ideal for dry, brittle, and frail skin.

The active ingredients of the black oat sustainably bind moisture in the skin and give it a vitalizing effect. Phospholipids strengthen the structure of the skin barrier. TEWL (Trans-epidermal water loss) is significantly reduced through sustained optimization of the skin moisture while simultaneously improving the skin’s moisture retention capacity. This results in a smooth and supple skin feeling and the irritated skin wins back its natural complexion.

The use of a spirulina algae extract aids skin hydration through a wide range of valuable ingredients which make the skin appear healthy. Certain phenols, carotenoids, the photolyase enzyme, and the so-called mycosporine-like amino acids give the skin additional protection against UV radiation.  

Another key factor is the use of betaine, avocado oil, and a ten-time concentration of aloe vera. These intensify skin hydration and sooth the skin, thereby reducing trans-epidermal water loss significantly.